Sunday, July 10, 2011

Small Victories

I love the Richmond Park TTs.  London Dynamo and Rebecca Slack always do an incredibly good job of organising and marshaling.  There is a warm and friendly atmosphere and a healthy amount of backchat on the startline.

I'd hauled myself out of bed at 4am, eaten porridge and then loaded my little car.  In a new tradition of calm and sensible race-preparations, I was the second competitor in the carpark.  I think I may even  have been the first to sign on.

I can see from the photgraphs that I rode hard.  I was mindful that I had two teamies in front of me who are both ace riders.  I was  running scared.

It is hard looking at photos of myself where I'm trying this hard.  It isn't pretty, but it is me.

It's worth it to have won my category and to to be LWCR league leader (however brief that honour).  The team vibe was fantastic.  Lovely to see Maryka Sennema turn up to present the league prizes with her new baby.  Made the morning perfect.  Thanks to all.

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