Saturday, January 21, 2012

The alien and the angels

The alien:


Invasive ductal cancer in right breast

2.5cm by 3cm

Grade 3: my lymph nodes under my right arm contain breast cells

Oestrogen positive

Progesterone positive

I kill the alien with this weaponry: chemotherapy, surgery,  hormone therapy, radiotherapy


Has it spread?

Am I Her2 positive? (This means I might be able to have herceptin as part of my hormone treatment)

How we find out the answers: MRI scan, CT scan, tomogram, blood tests

Impact on self:

Unafraid of: hair loss, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and mastectomy

Afraid of: hormone treatment, infertility

The angels




Sarah, my breast nurse

The ladies who took my biopsy

 Everyone at the assisted conception unit

My ovarian follicles that I pray for daily

My friends and family

My colleagues (also my friends)

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  1. My daughter and I were asked by your cousin and our friend Gnome to send you healing. Claire asked Gnome for a pic to help and she has directed us to here. I have read these blogs and you are one strong, tough cookie. Claire and I have been sending you healing since we heard about your alien and will continue to do so as long as necessary. She is History Fan and I am Seamstress (alias Claire and Mo) Kepp positive and you will beat this alien into submission and retreat. Light and blessings Mo x