Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shrove Tuesday

"Rumour", the Roman poet Virgil said, "is quick of foot and swift on the wing, a huge and horrible monster, and under every feather of her body, strange to tell, there lies an eye that never sleeps, a mouth and a tongue that are never silent and an ear always pricked". "Rumour" has it that Team Mum aren't riding this year. That due to my illness, the team has fallen apart.

"Rumour" is sadly mistaken.  My team are very much in good spirits and rallying to the defence of my mental health. On Tuesday I headed out with Louise Moriarty, Helen McKay and Jo McRae for a 60km ride into Kent.  Jo and Helen made me squeal with delight as they raced up each and every climb, leaving Louise to babysit as I glided up the hills at a snail's pace.

We paused to draw breath and drink coffee, enjoying the sunshine and the chance to catch up on each others' lives. Happy to be out in the fresh air and on my bike, I forgot to take any photos. I've given up negative thinking for Lent and have started out well. These pictures have been sent to me by Jo.  Helen and Lou might protest, but I think they look beautiful here.

We rode back to Herne Hill enjoying a tail wind and in my case, the benefit of swifter wheels to suck, knowing that Elise and baby Erin would be there to meet us.  Armed with pancake mix, Nutella, blueberries and a bucket full of lemons we spent a couple of happy hours in my kitchen, drinking tea, pipe dreaming and talking nonsense.

The day was a brilliant one and will shine in my memory for years to come.  Thank you.

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