Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Learning to walk in high heels

Learning to mountain bike is like learning to walk in high heels.  It is all about poise, balance and chosing the right line (and the right pair of shoes).  You spend half the time terrified that you are going to fall over and by the time you've figured out how it works, you just might need a sit down, a massage and a cuppa.

At least with high heels, unless you've done something totally stupid, you don't wake up the morning after with your upper arms and shoulders burning in pain.

I've been trying to get to grips with off-roading. I'm rubbish.  I've been practising in Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common and along the Thames tow-path.  This has not prepared me for the rigours of Dalby Forest, which is where Sam and I rode yesterday.  I rode the red route and covered about 30km.  I didn't attempt some of the bigger jumps but peered over the edge, petrified.

I found that as the day wore on I gained in confidence and learnt that if I followed Sam's line then  all would be well. 

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  1. If you peered over certain edges then you are slowly getting there, If Sam knows; ask him to take you to Summer Lightening; Surrey Hills. It is just out of my comfort zones but the most hillarious fun!! Well done for trying this great sport.