Travels of a Tandem

The first time I rode a tandem I was eleven years old and on a school outing to Kielder Forest. We were on a mountain biking expedition and I spent the first half hour at the visitors' centre whizzing round on one. I remember how fast it felt and the sense of independence cycling brought.

Sam and I have just bought a tandem. We bought it from a gentleman named George who lives in the New Forest. He has an Aladin's cave of cycling treasures, some of which are for sale. He makes an excellent cup of tea, has a lovely wife and a plethora of track related stories.

Today we rode the tandem for the first time.  A few laps of Dulwich park were enough to help us get the basics.  I am a battery on the back.  I can close my eyes and leave the piloting to Sam.  I am learning not to squirm and to lean into bends without steering. We have many miles to ride before we can race this tandem in anger.

7th August, 2011

Sam and I ride the tandem at the London Dynamo, Richmond Park TT.  We crossed the line in 24.51 and set the fastest time of the day.  Thanks to George for quietly encouraging us to race.