Friday, October 2, 2009

And here it begins.

I've decided to create a blog because of Mary Beard.
/ I was terrified by the thought of being a blogger. Who on earth would want to read me? What possible distraction could I provide for Joe Blog-reader? What would I have to say anyway?

Mary is incredible. The most famous classicst in the world ... I'm making no claims other than to do my best!

Well let's find out.

Cicero thought that we humans have four personae. I thought that by way of an introduction I'd use his model to "flesh out" who I am.

1. Who I am by way of nature: Human, 29 years of age. Roughly 169cm tall. No, I'm not going to tell you my weight - it's off season!

2. Who I am by virtue of chance: Female, white, inescapably middle class. I grew up near a little pit village in County Durham called Langley Park. Mum is the kindest lady you could ever meet. Dad is a very hard working man who really wants to spend all his time in the garden. I have a little sister who is fabulous in her own right. Many of you (you e-people, you), will know me better by the name Charlotte Blackman. I was married to the wonderful Mr Blackman but we went our seperate, painful ways in April 2008. The proof of love is in the letting go.

3. Who I am by my individual spirit: A fighter? A worker-bee, certainly. Committed. A lover of stories and a linguist. This is how I have come to be a Classicist.
Books and bikes.

4. Who I am by choice: a cyclist. And it's that simple. I am a bikie. An elite roadie. I love training hard and racing even harder. More recently I am a sponsored cyclist and you can see me in my beautiful Cyclefit kit in the photo.
You might have guessed that this is also a "thank you". A place for me to recognise and appreciate the people that I love and who are making it easy for me to do what I enjoy (and who are also giving me fabulous kit to wear in the process). This is my first thank you. Phil, Jules and Kimbers - you are the greatest and best


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