Saturday, March 12, 2011


The greatest riders may sometimes wish they were anywhere in the world, other than on a startline of a big race.  Or so I have been told.

I make silly promises to myself, "Just this once; you don't have to do this again". All the while forgetting that this is what I love and that two minutes into the race, the nerves will be gone.

Nerves are useful. Part of the preparation.  I race well when I'm nervous.  Not being nervous can be, well, unnerving.

Strangely, the size of the race has no correlation to the intensity of my anxiety.  I've been cool and calm before National Series RRs, but in bits at the start of a local, chipper race.

Different days call for different approaches.  It is important for me to find a way not to concentrate on my nerves. 

On the startline of the Northroad Hardriders' TT, the official asked me if I was ready.  I replied that I supposed so.  His response: "This is what you've been training for!", put everything into perspective.  I train to race.  I race because I love going fast.  Any outcome beyond that is irrelevant.

Today I shall go fast.

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