Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Roadie

 I thought I'd lost the taste for road racing.  On Sunday morning I felt resigned to my fate: I had to race because the event was part of the LWCR league.  My car was packed and I'd printed out the route to HQ. At least my ability to prepare for racing hadn't left me.

Having team mates and a race plan can be strangely liberating.  My job was to ride hard, keeping the pace high.  I'm good at this sort of thing and my race went to plan.  I hadn't lost my bunch skills either.  Keeping on wheels and holding my place all seemed straighforward. Several times I managed to work my way forwards after taking short breathers.

I had little left when it came to the sprint but I kept going and came 10th.  I had a good day because I had a team to work for. I'm still a roadie, even if one who prefers small races in Surrey to the stress of a national level event.  My tanlines are coming along nicely too.

Thanks to Adam Brittain and Karla for photos!

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