Friday, January 27, 2012

The Chemo Survival Pack

I have a lovely friend who has been through this cancer fandango and beaten the little rotter.  She is a huge source of inspiration and positivity.  She is also a mine of useful information.  She couldn't have known, but this morning I wanted to run.  Rome seemed like a good idea.  I even took my passport into school, thinking I might book a flight for this evening.

Ancient Greek Breakfast Club, and  Aeneid IV with an A Level class put me in a sunnier place. This surprise made me feel strong again. More ammo for my fight.   Thank you, Rachel!

Each number on the card corresponds to a gift.  

1. For the endless cups of tea!

2. In case you get runny nose syndrome during!

3. For your hands!  Can be sore.

4. Essential on treatment days - keeps life tasting sweet

5. For when you get home and want to curl up on the sofa for a while - essential!

6. You'll need plenty of these (you've probably got / read this one, but it was such a beautiful copy, I couldn't resist!)

7. Just because .. well, you know!


  1. I look forward to seeing the pictures of you smashing time trials in the not too distant future :-)

  2. Missed you today (not least because I had to go on the front a lot ;0). Lyds reminded me about your blog. Thinking of you x x x