Saturday, May 19, 2012

Look Mum Race Team: my mini-view

My racing team have been incredible in their support of me during these last months.  We've been writing some mini-interviews to appear on the team blog and mine has just been put up.  I thought that I'd put a duplicate up here.

Name: Charlotte Easton

Date of Birth: 2nd, December1979

Occupation: Classics Teacher

Preferred cycling discipline: Road, TT

Proudest cycling moment of 2011: Racing myself to 9th in the National 25 TT

Three goals for 2012:
  • ·         Beat the breast cancer
  • ·         Be more supportive of those I love
  • ·         Ride my bike

Favourite Cartoon Character?  Wile –e coyote, because no matter how screwed up he gets, he just picks himself up and keeps going

If I was a Greek god I would be: “Grey-eyed Athene”

Cipollini or Cav? Cipollini


  1. I am so pleased Gnome asked me to look at your blog and send you healing, you are truly insparational. I have nominated you for a beautiful blogger award. Please look at my blog to see why Hope this cheers your day xx