Friday, July 20, 2012

Climbing Hills

Yesterday was a big day.  I woke with a knot in my tummy. I have two places inside my body where my cancer alien has spread. I was to meet with a surgeon to find out the results of my post-chemotherapy scans. I knew from the half way tests that initial response had been good.  My fear was that the secondary cancers would not have continued to respond.

He was positive. My breast is all but cancer free, my vertebra continues to thicken where the small, isolated lesion had nibbled at it and the spots on my lung are diminishing.  The metastaces should be sterile and it is even possible that they are dead.  Post-surgery pathology results will tell their own story.  I may never be 100% in remission, but for the moment my cancer is being treated and it is treatable. 

In the spirit of surmouting seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Sam and I cycled out to watch the Rollapaluza Urban Hill Climb.  Team mate Helen and my cycling buddy, Jo Munden, were competing and I wanted to support them.  Despite finding climbing hills more and more difficult, I pinned a number on and "raced".  Jo won the day and made me proud, but getting to the top was my own little triumph.

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  1. You're a legend! Can I have the last slice? Huge love xxx