Friday, September 21, 2012


Getting through chemotherapy was just the beginning.  I had major surgery in the summer.  The decision to go ahead with the operation was easy and the care I received was incredible.  My plastic surgeon is a genius and Tommy's nurses are angels.

Friends Cecilia and Sally came to visit me. Mum came to stay and Susannah treked down to see how I was doing.  When things got ugly and the healing didn't go to plan, Sam's mum Lynne came to the rescue and got me through some hideous hours back on the plastics' ward.  Team Humpheson are the simply the best.

Colleagues Laura, Kate and Bill called round to cheer me up.  Old friend Lindsay made me giggle while I still had my surgical drains, and lovely Jenny Gibbon flew in from Turkey to check on me.

Throughout it all my Look Mum team mates have been there for me.

I cannot imagine how I could have lived through this with this without you all.

I am going to try and do a ride on my bicycle to draw a line in the sand.  This is where the healing will begin.  I'd love you to come with me and to wear something pink.  It can just be a braclet if you like. It is just a physical expression of what you've already done: shown me that throughout this bullshit, you're with me.

Big Wayne has made a poster.  He is ace.

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