Saturday, December 22, 2012

Festina lente

Reflecting on the things that have happened this year is not an altogether healthy thing to do. I am learning to live in the present and to be mindful. I have much to be grateful for.

I'm not quite as fit as I used to be but I can still ride a bike. I've been trying to build up my strength and have been putting in some miles with friends and loved ones. I have even begun running again, a major post-surgery, post-radio landmark. With a little push from the positivity of another athlete , today I rode at ViCiOUS VELO's "Double Cross" race.  I love the social side of racing but feel like I've spent too much of this year on the side lines. 

This represents a little step, or giant splosh, in the right direction. The cheers from random spectators, Look Mum barristas, John Mullineaux, Sam, and organisers (thank you Claire for the chocolate grab), kept me smiling.  The technical bits of circuit made me laugh and although I found it pretty hard work, I crossed the line upright and smiling.

There are things that I can't change but I am in charge of how I feel about life and to a large extent, how I live it. I am going to adopt Jen Hank's mantra for 2013:
  •            No excuses
  •            Be kind and forgiving to myself
  •            Have fun!
I think I've made a good start.

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