Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Tandem

This is the little evidence I have of racing the tandem at the New Forest CC Boxing Day 10TT.  Our tandem comes from the New Forest and we promised George, its original guardian, that we would race it on home turf.

Waking up early, I really didn't feel much like racing.  After a strong coffee, my body felt vaguely more compliant. As Sam and I loaded ourselves into the Volvo to get to HQ, I may have been approaching enthusiasm for the event.

Maggie Bracher, the lovely organiser, had squeezed us onto the startsheet.  Sam and I had missed the entry deadline and she generously found us a slot.  There were two other tandems for us to compete against.  Both were ridden by couples who had considerably more experience, but in one case, had first ridden the course 30 years ago.  We won the tandem category (phew), and came 5th overall.

Most important is the fact that Sam's family came to support us: above and beyone the call of duty at 10am on a wet December morning. Thank you!

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