Sunday, September 15, 2013

"I am because you are"

It has been a difficult but impressive year for my team:  Helen and Lydia leaving for CTC and then returning, Elise having a little boy, Louise finishing her architecture masters,  Anna focusing on riding the End to End with Dave, Jenny struggling to find her own work/life balance, Alice moving to London and going from strength to strength, my own slow return to form and Bex's inimitable brilliance. 

At times we've felt disconnected but more recently, have started training rides togther.  "Healing rides", Helen and I have called them. 

Bex has her own interpretation of the idea of "healing".  She has marshalled Louise, Helen and I to two separate victories in team time trial events.  I found myself annihilated by my friends' cycling prowess.  All I could do was sit on their wheels. 

Dastardly and Mutley, as Bex and Helen have become known, pulled us round at the Surrey League event.  I am proud and grateful that I finished the race with them. 

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