Sunday, March 20, 2011


Kimbers got me hooked on bike racing.

In 2006 I met Kimberly Kabatoff during a couple of businesslike laps of Richmond Park.  The first lady I'd encountered who was serious about cycling, she inspired me to race.  That first season I proudly started and finished three events, all under her wing.

She had to work hard. She encouraged me to conquer my nerves and push past that initial fear of being in a racing bunch.  I have her to thank for the happy times I've had over the last five seasons. That first summer we rode the ladies Tour of Britain support race, giggled our way through a very wet, very hilly 2-up and got a shoeing at Hillingdon.

Kimbers adores cycling.  She gave up a well paid job to follow her dreams in the industry.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and commited to the sport.  She learnt Dutch at evening classes and spends holidays watching pro races in Belgium. Cycling, for her, is a life long passion.  I feel privileged to have raced with her.

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