Monday, April 25, 2011

Enforced Rest

"You may rest, but don't quit"

I had such high hopes for my Easter break.  Two days in and I felt the back of my throat burning.  I raced feeling a long way below par and spent the next two weeks getting rid of a cold.  I've not done one bit of meaningful exercise in seven days. 

By midweek I was in the doldrums. The old wives' tale of pre-season fitness equating to racing season sickness, seemed to be coming true.  I looked back at how much form I had in February and started to quail.

I felt riddled with guilt at not being able to support my team mates at the LWCR race at Hillingdon.  I thought that by not racing then I might stand a good chance of being better for my weekend TT.  Sunday came and went.

I moaned to Coach Simmonds.  Ever wise, he put a helpful spin on things: "See it as enforced rest", he said.  Duly "zen-ed out", I've had a productive few days.  Caught up on work, cleaned the house and read my book. I think I may even be better.  The hunger has returned.


  1. If you can't ride, clean your bikes or do something similar. I find that helps. I get ill often and find I can't ride for weeks at a time. That's why I started my website La Gazzetta to keep me occupied at times of poor health. Keep going Charlotte and get well soon.


  2. Thank you! Weeks at a time? - you poor soul!