Sunday, February 5, 2012

Snow cross

I am a person who does not enjoy being inside.  "Go outside and get some roses in your cheeks", mum would tell me.  So it seems to be these days; I crave the fresh air and it seems to do me good.  This morning I sat out on the patio in the snow as I ate my breakfast: Four slices of toast, two more than yesterday, liberally covered in Marmite and washed down with a mug of tea.

Watching the cross racing at Herne Hill this afternoon, I could scarcely believe that only 48 hours ago I was a mewling, puking mess.  The nausea has subsided and while I still feel a little queasy and a touch woolly-headed, I'm almost back to normal.  I felt woeful after the treatment on Friday but I am getting stronger.  I know that a few more chemotherapy cycles down the line, I may not bounce back so fast.

The fabulous bastion of London cycling, John Mullineaux remarked that I now have a road map.  I have several mountains to climb and most of them hors categorie, but I can follow my route to its end.  This afternoon I didn't even feel that I've hit the foothills and was pleased to cheer on the riders and enjoy the racing.

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  1. that sounds like fantastic advice, each chemo session is a moutain climb,and it may get tougher as you get further along the journey, and a little bit more fatigued, but each time,you know you've already done it, so you can do it again.