Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ordinary Girl, Ordinary World

This morning I was full of beans. "You've got too much energy. You need to go for a ride". The cats seemed to agree. The brilliant sunshine and wintry air made me itch to be out in the open and on my bike.

Sam and I met team mates Elise and Louise for pre-ride coffee. It always feels good to see these two. For the first time I also met baby Erin, Elise's 10 week old daughter. She is adorable.

I rode my mountain bike, a birthday present from Sam, which hasn't yet seen too many miles.  The need to keep my heart rate low made me opt for a bike where my skill level limits my effort.  I loved playing in the snow and mud and riding on the trails around the park. "Sunshine is the best remedy".

Sam deserves a medal for his patience while I tootled at snail's pace.

Back at home we had bacon sarnies and big cups of tea.  Honey badger is settling in well.

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