Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Coast Road

Stormy seas and colder air greeted us on Saturday morning.  The need to ride ensured that Sam and I kitted up and headed out on our bikes before the lure of a snug, warm hotel persuaded us that staying indoors might be an infinitely more sensible plan.

I'm starting to build up my fitness.  The rides I've completed haven't been long by comparison to my usual Spring training load, but as I gain in strength and stamina my sense of well being is also increasing.

Sam and I cycled up the coast from Sandsend and rode as far as Staithes, a pretty fishing village.  Short on time and a little weary from the previous day, 30 hilly kilometers were more than enough to make me happy.

In Whitby the tide was high and the wind, strong.  Impressive white horses capped the waves and crashed about the piers.  A great image to take home.

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